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We specialize in unique lobby signs that will make your lobby look great!

If there is one sign that is more important than your outdoor sign -it is the lobby area signage for the inside.  Office atmosphere is critical to visitors,
the signs can be created to make sure you are conveying the proper message to visitors as they enter your building.



Who Needs Lobby Signs?

If you have a lobby, you need a sign. This is true for medical professionals, financial service providers, information technology, start-ups and entrepreneurs of a wide range of other business types. 

Material Options and Desirable Signage Looks

We usually ask our customers first what kind of atmosphere they are seeking to create in their office. Next, we want to know if you are working with an interior designer. If this is the case, we will put our heads together with this professional to ensure that your new sign does not detract from the décor you have chosen.

When we are satisfied that we understand your company’s mission and desired expression, we go to work. Material choices go a long way to enhancing your branding efforts without speaking a word. For example, brushed metal brings out the beauty of your logo and business name. Apply metal laminate to a foam substrate for a depth of display that is heightened with the expert application of spotlights. Both options are ideal for the company that wants to underscore its longevity and solid foundation in the local business community.

Acrylic lobby signs are perfect for showcasing the creative sides of your company. When you choose acrylic boards with multiple overlays and edgings, you underscore the artistry of your business’ mindset. Acrylic lettering alone comes in a rainbow of colors and several widths, which makes this a very versatile marker choice for any lobby. More unusual materials like different kinds of wood or stone can also work well with your company’s message.





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Trappa Snap Frames Aluminum
Price: Starting at $25.00
Trappa Snap Frames Aluminum
Unique Snap Frame holds image in place, high tech contemporary look
Reusable Static Cling 8" Vinyl Window Lettering Set
Price: $89.50
Reusable Static Cling 8" Vinyl Window Lettering Set
Large Easy-to-Read type quick and easy reusable window/door signs.
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